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Get More Engaged with Your Child’s Development with Storypark

At Acorn Kids childcare in Gate Pa, Tauranga, one of the ways we learn to be positive future citizens of the world is by getting involved with sustainability. Along with a bunch of great initiatives around recycling, at our childcare centre we engage with sustainable practices by using the Storypark App. Storypark is an easy-to-use App that all our Acorn families can now download onto their phones. Once you have the App, throughout the day we can capture special moments as they happen and send them through to your phone.

Reduce Waste

The way this works to add to sustainability practices at the Acorn Kids childcare is by reducing paper waste. Of course, we still love to keep a portfolio with artwork from your children that they can take home and pin to the fridge or notice board. However, by using digital tools to share information with you, Acorn Kids can stop using the printer so much. In the past tamariki ended up with lots of crumpled pieces of paper in their bag which is wasteful – and also pretty inefficient! We have all had that sinking feeling when we realise on our way in the door that we didn’t get the notice about a special event happening at daycare.

Storypark Is Keeping in Touch

When you use the Storypark App, you will be able to keep up with everything that’s going on at Acorn Kids Childcare Gate Pa. We can even send you a quick reminder when something special is on the horizon. Along with helping to reduce waste, the Storypark App is a fantastic way to make sure that you don’t miss out on fun things that your child is learning and doing while they are spending their day at our early childhood centre. We especially love the App for sharing with grandparents and other family members that live in a different region – or even overseas.

Safety First

Storypark is specially designed to be secure, so none of the content that Acorn Kids Childcare Tauranga shares with you can be seen by people who are outside your designated viewers. You get to choose your own password, so that any videos or photos that we send through from daycare arrive securely. If you are not very experienced with technology, one of our Acorn Kids staff would be happy to help you set up the App, just let us know.

Get in touch with Acorn Kids Childcare Tauranga today to chat about the Storypark App – or anything else we may be able to help you with. Here at Gate Pa, love to work with all our daycare families to make sure our connections stay strong.