nutrition at acorn kids gate pa

Freshly Cooked, Dietitian-Designed Daily Meals at Acorn Kids

At Acorn Kids in Gate Pa, Tauranga, we believe good nutrition is an essential part of the growth and development process for your tamariki. It’s one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle and done right, it’s also a huge pleasure! We know it can be tricky to get that 5 plus a day happening when we are all so busy, that’s why we are pleased to provide every childcare kid that comes to our early childhood centre in Tauranga with all the good food they need to make the most of each day.

It’s Not Just Healthy!

Because we have an onsite kitchen at our Tauranga childcare centre, we are able to be creative with our food in fresh new ways every day. We prepare food that lines up with the values of the Nourish meal service programme, where each menu we utilise flexes with the season to ensure that your tamariki is eating the freshest produce and is experiencing a wide variety of delicious lunch and snack time foods that expand the taste buds. Everyone gets what they need with Nourish, and satisfaction is guaranteed across the board with lots of the classic favourites that kids love.

Learning To Be Together

The team at Acorn Kids daycare centre in Gate Pa also use mealtimes as a great opportunity to encourage ways to be social that work to connect our childcare whanau – and as a time where some learning can be had. When we have our lunch break we encourage all our daycare kids to move and speak in ways that ensure that everyone in the room gets a chance to contribute, and that are centred around cooperation and care. We like to sit together, and oftentimes your tamariki are able to serve themselves, this is a great way to learn about portion control and it helps our young ones to feel a bit more independent.

Balance Is Key

Our recipes include all the food groups that are essential for growing bodies and developing minds. At Acorn Kids Childcare Tauranga, we offer fruit and vegetables, lean meat and meat alternatives, bread and cereal, and a range of milk and milk products. If your child is lactose or gluten intolerant this is catered for – as are allergies and very strong preferences! Along with healthy ways to enjoy old favourites like spag bol and mac and cheese, we also have some treats for our snack times, after all, everyone loves pudding! We work to have a variety across the week and we love to hear feedback from whanau about which meals were a special hit.

If you are struggling at home with what might be good to serve up that everyone in the family will eat, get in touch with Acorn Kids in Tauranga. We are happy to share recipes from the Nourish range for you to try at home. Let’s grow together!