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Embracing Nature as Part of Our Daycare Programme

A Great Foundation

We all know that the tiny acorn grows into the powerful oak tree, and at Acorn Kids in Tauranga, we can help your little one grow up connected to your community in healthy ways that start now and manifest in strength down the line. Being part of a community includes growing as social creatures, and it’s also about learning to become guardians of the plants and animals that surround us.

We Can All Contribute

Children need a balanced approach when it comes to learning, and at our early childhood centre in Tauranga, we like to think of Mother Nature as the third teacher. Firstly, you take care of teaching your child important life skills, then when you join your tamariki up at Acorn Kids at Gate Pa, our staff become a second important learning influence in the lives of your children – we take this seriously and we love to make it fun.

The Big Questions and the Little Ones Too

The third teacher is Mother Nature (Papatuanuku), we learn and grow together by exploring our natural world, and through their time at our daycare in Gate Pa, we will help your child safely explore the surrounding environment (taiao). Children are always yearning to ask questions and at Acorn Kids we work with their innate curiosity to teach to help them understand and respect the world around them.

Move And Grow

By taking our learners outdoors we are able to get to know the plants, insects, animals, and birds that are native to our environment here in Tauranga. We are blessed with many great green spaces and beaches, and all of these spots have their own unique ecosystems to explore. Getting our hands dirty and stretching our legs outside gives us a chance to express ourselves in louder ways than we can indoors, and when we jump and shout and explore our exuberance, our confidence grows.

The Future Is Bright

It’s all about balance at Acorn Kids in Gate Pa and learning that we are part of something bigger helps us to grow into mindful adults. If we start early enough, these ideas around guardianship and stewardship of Papatuanuku become commonsense. We have a ton of great outdoor games at our childcare that incorporate maths and science, and we love to engage with Te Reo Maori when we are finding out what things are called, it’s all about connection.

Get in touch today to enrol your little learner at Acorn Kids childcare in Gate Pa, Tauranga, we are ready to make learning fun indoors and out!