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Commitment to Sustainable Practices at Acorn Kids Childcare Tauranga

At Acorn Kids childcare in Tauranga, we are working hard to contribute to sustainable living pratices in our community. Every day we take small steps to help the resources we value remain in place to be utilised and enjoyed by our future generations, and we try to make it fun! Did you know Acorn Kids has its own worm farm? Worm farms are used to reduce the amount of organic matter that is going into our rubbish bins, and they are great for homes and businesses that are working with limited space, or that can’t compost.

What Goes In Comes Out Better!

Did you know that tiger worms even eat paper! When we put our organic food scraps and (limited) paper and leaves into the worm farm at Acorn Kids childcare Tauranga, the worms munch up the food and they leave behind what is called ‘castings’. Our children love to feed the worms and we are lucky to have our very own kitchen here in Gate Pa, so there is always lots of yummy veges for them to eat! Castings are liquid – this is called tea – but it’s really wee 🙂 or just appear like dirt, the castings are in the bottom layer of the worm farm and you can harvest them and use them to feed the soil in your garden.

CIrcle Of Value

Worm castings are super rich in nutrients and we love to use them in the Acorn Kids childcare garden in Tauranga. This helps our vegetables grow fast and strong, after we harvest our veges we can them bring these into the daycare kitchen – and bring the scraps back out to the worm farm. This is a great example of sustainability, where a circular system is adding value to each component as items move through it. Our kids love to get involved in the garden and in the kitchen – they may even have a few tips for you to try at home!

Keeping It Digital

Another way we practice sustainability at Acorn Kids early childhood centre Tauranga is by reducing paper waste. Some of our paper goes into the worm farm, and we also implement systems which ensure that we are not bringing as much paper in – or sending as much paper out. We use the Storypark app to send out our notices, and we utilise digital communication systems as much as possible. This saves paper and it also means you don’t end up with crumpled up scraps of paper with super important information on them at the bottom of your daycare kid’s bag!

We love to hear your feedback at Acorn Kids in Tauranga. If you have any ideas about smart ways we can work together to increase our sustainability, please get in touch. If we all pull together the future will be better.